That pretty much sums it up.

I attended a conference this last week where Paul Yadao’s wife Ahlmira taught about how so many Christians spend time in the present, living in the past but God sees us in the present living out our destiny. The idea that we can live our destiny in the present? Why not! If that is how God sees us then why should we see ourselves any different? So, how does this apply to me or you?

Do you feel stuck in your current situation? Do you believe that God has something better in store on the other side of your current situation?

She talked about acceleration. How we can accelerate out of our current situation into our destiny. The destiny God has for you not the one your stuck in.

The only way this happens is through the Holy Spirit.

So I thought I would try this myself. I have been trying to organize Breakthrough Ministries for the last two months and I have an ongoing to do list. On this list I have completed hundreds of tasks except four items I that I haven’t been able to scratch off. Here are those items:

    1. Find CPA


    1. Find Bookkeeper


    1. Find Techie (Someone who has vast knowledge about something I don’t)


  1. Create website

I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to Accelerate my destiny and bring sudden growth on these four items on Monday and today (Thursday) all four have come off the list! Hallelujah!!

Go ahead and call it a coincidence! For me, the Holy Spirit has accelerated my destiny. I will call it a Godincidence!

What else will the Holy Spirit Accelerate in regards to my destiny? We are having a Garage Sale for Breakthrough Ministries Thursday – Saturday (This week) to simply raise enough money to cover start-up expenses. My prayer is that God would relieve me or Tim of any obligation regarding how much and simply provide for our needs as He has always done.

The address of the sale is 13808 Frontier Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337. It will run Thursday (October 8th) through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

If you would like to help by providing financial support please send a check to the same address.


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