Only in Minnesota

On behalf of Tim Walstead and myself (David Engman) we want to say thank you to everyone who donated stuff to the garage sale fundraising event for Breakthrough Ministries.

Set up – Sheri Richards, Jerry Hatzenbuhler, and Steve Pierce.

Ellie and Dan Crawford getting set-up to sort clothes.

We also want to put out a special thanks to all those people who came to set-up, run, tear-down and pack-up the remaining stuff. Those people include:

  • Ellie Crawford
  • Dan Crawford
  • Steve Pierce
  • Kelli Walstead
  • Jerry Hatzenbuhler
  • Laura Hatzenbuhler
  • Sheri Richards
  • Kay Zavala
  • Christine Engman
  • Mackenzie Engman
  • Ronald Williams
  • Scott Rajavori
  • Cindy Downey
  • Larry Fannon
  • Susan Fannon

Look at how much stuff we recieved

Only in Minnesota would you have a garage sale in the middle of winter… Laura Looks cold.

The clean up crew – (Top Left to Right) Ronald Williams, Me (David Engman), Scott Rajavori, Tim Walstead (bottom left), Cindy Downey, Kelli Walstead

We had alot of fun. Thanks for the memories.


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