So much has happened over the last month that I have literally not had any time to commit to keeping this blog updated. I am seeking someone who would like to donate their time to this effort. Until the Lord reveals that person I will do my best. Thank you for taking the time to visit today.

The website has been completed although that will be a work in progress forever I would encourage you to visit it That will be the place where we want people to go first. The blog will be a journal of our story which is really God’s story in our lives.
Please go and check out the Website and feel free to contact me with recommendations and/or suggestions as well. Also, please click into the “Supporter Registry” and register your name not only so we can keep you updated with important information but so we know who is supporting our ministry.

All right! Just what has been keeping me so busy?

Most of our energy has been spent on development of the essentials. That would include:

  • Documentary – We have completed the editing phase of the Breakthrough Documentary and you can see on Youtube by going to this hyper link “Nick“.
  • The house – which is now almost completely move in ready. We still have some urgent needs for things to make the house a home. Those needs can be found on our website or by clicking on this hyper link “our needs“.
  • Board development – believe me when I say that when you are building a new ministry it must start with a good board and we have that! We have a 12 position board with 9 positions filled and of that a 4 position executive team. The executive team meets monthly to work on the building blocks of the board and it’s function. Each of those meetings requires a lot of energy preparing for. If you have an interest in being considered for this board or if you know of someone who you would like to nominate please email me at
  • Development and Awareness – we had an opportunity to be apart of an amazing event that Sara Groves and her team conducted at Hosanna! church in Lakeville. At this event they played a portion of the documentary that Breakthrough filmed a couple of months ago. As a result many women have stepped up to provide help in this effort. We have also developed a model of awareness that is putting Breakthrough on the map. Weekly we invite people to attend an event called “First Impressions” this event is designed to simply share what we are up to with people who have interest in knowing. If you are interested in this please click on this hyper link “Events“.
  • Ministry – This is a ministry after all! We have started performing what we are calling mission impact trips. There are three types at this point and they include Reconnaissance, Supply need, ministry.

Now, for the Tremendous Breakthrough:

Nick is home! Did you hear me? Nick is home!!!

1 down, 9,999 to go.

FINALLY, after months of visiting Nick under the bridge where he has lived for the past year and a half, we moved him into a Breakthrough house in Minneapolis. How fitting that he was not only the first homeless person that we met, but he was also the first of MANY more that we will lead home! We have accomplished our mission for one person! only 9,999 to go!

As a result of our First Impressions nights, God has brought many people by our side. Those meetings have launched the Mission Impact Trips where we have led others to the field. We have tremendous stories of revelation from these trips. I would encourage anyone who has attended those trips to share their stories right here on this blog. Contact me for details.

Well, there is so much more but I really want to end with this.

God has put it on the heart of so many people to contribute and help. Just this morning I was in the word and God has made it very clear. The road map for this ministry has already be developed and we are simply following it by faith. The book of Acts is what is happening to this ministry. As in the book of Acts (paraphrased here) it starts with Breakthrough Ministry receiving power from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has caused a few people like myself to tell many people (like you) about what we are up to including giving the glory and credit Christ where it belongs. Everyone that is present is filled with the Holy Spirit and they too are filled with power. As a result, we are performing miracles, signs and wonders through the Holy Spirit as seen by the progress that has already been made. These believers are forming spiritual communities as well as physical ones. We are sharing all we have as we own nothing but are simply stewards of all He has provided us. People are selling possessions and giving money to those in need. We are boldly proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and as a result there is conviction in the heart of the true believer. The lost are being led home!!!

Here is the real key as found in Acts 6:38-39 …”if they are planning and doing these things merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown. But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them”.

Thank you ALL who have contributed anything! I can’t emphasize this enough. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can offer but so many have done so much more. I pray that God would bless each of you with a portion far beyond what you could ever think or imagine. Thank you again!


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