Mission Impact Trip

With a flick of a match, friction occurs and a spark leaps from match to tinder. A small flame burns the edges and grows, fueled by wood and air. Heat builds, and soon the kindling is licked by reddish orange tongues. Higher and wider it spreads, consuming the wood. The flame has become a fire.

Over 2,000 years ago, a match was struck in Palestine. At first, just a few in that corner of the world were touched and warmed, but the fire spread beyond Jerusalem and Judea out to the world and to all people.

The book of Acts provides an eyewitness account of the flame and fire – the birth and spread of the church. Beginning in Jerusalem with a small group of disciples, the message traveled across the Roman Empire. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, this courageous band preached, taught, healed, and demonstrated love in synagogues, schools, homes, marketplaces, and courtrooms, and on streets, hills, ships, and desert roads – wherever God sent them, lives and history were changed. (NLT).

Here in this part of the world (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and in our current time most have heard about the gospel message that was started then. That message is being played out in a similar way with Breakthrough Ministries. Like then, this too is a story of Acts.

Breakthrough Ministries has created Mission Impact Trips (mit’s) so others can experience and have ownership in this ministry. We have created three types that include:

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Supply need
  3. ministry

Since the first mission trip on a day we set out and met Nick, lives have been changed.

Though we can’t possibly post every trip taken we are attempting to capture memories of a few.


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