75,000 Sandwiches

Friends of Breakthrough Ministries,
Last week we had meetings with some awesome pastors – Darin Poli (Southbridge Community Church), Brent Clark Ramsey (Celebration Church) and Roger Thompson (Berrien Baptist).  God clearly spoke through all of these Godly men. The overriding message was that this ministry is definitely what the church has been missing.  We need to be sure to provide tangible ways that people can get involved and will continue to work on expanding on our current volunteer opportunities (see Volunteer link on website). Feel free to share any ideas you have as we’re open to all ideas.
The Breakthrough guys attended Hosanna! to assist with the 363 Sandwich event and participated in two shifts. The church was on track to make 75,000 sandwiches over the weekend that will go to homeless people throughout Minneapolis, including those that Breakthrough Ministries comes in contact with.

We are searching for a viable donor software package, call me if you feel compelled.
We are searching for housing to expand the ministry, if you have housing available for our ministry, please reach out to me.
We are searching for office space.
We are figuring our mission schedule and seeking tangible ways people can serve.
Thanks to all our friends and to those that participated in the past Mission Trip.

David Engman | Executive Director | www.breakthroughmn.org | 612-886-3638 – office | 952-250-8752 – mobile


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