Spreading Hope (KKMS 980)

First of all, thank all of you who tuned in and/or prayed for us today! We have alot of friends who support what we are doing and you need to know we couldn’t do what we do without you.

The day started out early for me. I was at the office by 6:30 am to put the final details in place for our day at KKMS 980 am.

This opportunity was simply a God appointment. Gary Borgendale the Local Ministry Director from KKMS called me about a month ago to ask me if I would have any interest in doing a fundraiser with Salem Communications. Of course I had interest but asked some questions that required him to do some research. Two weeks went by and then out of the blue he called me for more discussion. We decided to meet at his office and after a 3 1/2 hour meeting and we concluded that we were not sure what the ask would be, and simply put it in God’s hands. I left feeling as though this event would not happen. I thought maybe this was God’s way of telling me that part of the problem with Breakthrough is that we have not defined our needs in such a way to move people to support us.

That night I worked late and spent time with the Lord. He revealed to me a plan that seemed compelling. We have a story of true success with Terri so, why not duplicate it? I went home that evening not sure, but encouraged. The next morning I received an email from Gary stating that him and the General Manager Ron Stone still think this would be viable. From their perspective we needed to identify the felt needs of those experiencing homelessness and ask people to help us provide for those needs. So, we pulled the two together and agreed to proceed.

Gary wanted to do this event on Thursday, February 24 and Friday the 25th. At the time of our agreement this was less than 1 week of planning and preparation. Not to mention the fact that I am way behind and trying to complete my Potter’s Wheel course work (Leadership Development Training) which is due on the 28th. Also, my family is moving from one house to another on Saturday the 26th and my wife has been extremely sick this particular week. Regardless, this is when the station had the availability so, if we are going to do the fundraiser it had to be now.

Let the coordinating begin! The biggest challenge was getting volunteers to work the phones and provide testimonies from them as well as from people experiencing homelessness on such short notice. But this was God’s gig, so I simply put this at the foot of the cross and sent out the emails. Funny, but everything fell right into place. Bob, Brenda, Nicole, Todd, Matt, Wade,Pete, Tom and Becky all stepped up to the plate and volunteered their time to help. Some taking vacation time to do so! Who does that? People of obedience who answer the phone when God calls, that’s who.

This was a special day. The real measure of success in this journey is obedience. The beauty of this is not one of us including myself can say we earned this opportunity to spread the message of hope on the radio. God arranged this appointment for us to bring awareness to the real tragedy of homelessness. Today was about the importance of relationships with each other and relationships with people like Matt and Terri. It was because of this appointment that we now all have a new friend in Matt. Please know how special you all are to me and also know how honored I am to be serving in God’s kingdom with all of you. This blog would not be complete if I did not thank Tom, Jessi, Todd and Terri for all of your efforts as well. Though you couldn’t be there physically today we know you were there with us in spirit. We love you and missed you.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow from 8am – 6pm on am 980 KKMS to hear more from Breakthrough. You can go to our website anytime to make a financial contribution. We need them to keep fighting on the front lines. So, thank you in advance for your support.

God bless!

David Engman


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