Give Me A Revelation

“…Give me a revelation; show me what to do. Because I’ve been trying to find my way; I haven’t got a clue. Tell me should I stay here; or do I need to move. Give me revelation; I’ve got nothing without you.” (Partial lyrics titled “Revelation” by Third Day).

God gives us all revelation through various methods and experiences. I have been flooded with revelation during times of prayer, preparation, bible study, fellowship, worship, as well as God inspired outside resource material and books. I have received revelation through people God has inspired whom have written books such as Danny Silk, Bill Johnson, John Eckhardt, Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner and others who have given me a frame work and language to understand. The revelation flows from all directions and floods my mind like a mighty river. I want to give thanks to God for using revelation to guide me and those who serve His Kingdom.

As I stated in the last newsletter, Breakthrough has received revelation that we are apart of the apostolic ministry movement and such we have a part to play in fulfilling the Great Commission. An apostolic ministry brings an experiential understanding to the believer. Another word, this ministry is about experiencing Christ when Heaven invades earth.

Our very name “Breakthrough” is a name and carries with it an anointing that acts as a battering ram against the citadels of the enemy and we proceed and lead the way for others.

The word breakthrough is defined as an act or instance of breaking through and obstruction; an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare.

• We have the courage, ability and power to penetrate the defenses set up by the powers of darkness.

• We break through ignorance, fear, and other obstacles that keep people from advancing.

• We must be able to break through tradition, religion, poverty, witchcraft, pride, and rebellion.

We will do this to set people free to walk in the truth and in doing so we will reach cities, regions and nations.

God has sent the Holy Spirit to give us power to be witnesses through the world – not just within our city or even our nation but “unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Apostolic ministry brings light (revelation) to the nations, which in turn brings salvation (deliverance). This type of ministry which includes apostles and prophets has a unique ability to penetrate. We carry authority and power in the Spirit to “Breakthrough” the enemy’s front line defenses.

If we are just touching a few in our city or region, we are only walking in a part of the power available to us. The power of the Holy Spirit is given to us to touch the nations and so we need to prepare believers with a vision for the world.

Apostolic ministry operates at a rank high enough to speak on behalf of heaven! Even the principalities and powers must acknowledge this rank because it is spiritual. They hate it and fight against it, but they cannot avoid it or overcome it. Those apart of this ministry have enough rank to command, decree and rebuke with authority.

That is what we are doing! We are doing this every Tuesday night in downtown St. Paul. We are going to the “least of these” and taking back what the enemy has robbed. Lives are at stake and along with them their very souls. There is a great urgency to reach people God is calling us to reach.

If you have read this, you are a part of this army God has raised up. You are invited to join us every Tuesday to experience firsthand Heaven invading earth. The details are on the website.

Next week, I will talk about the revolution that is currently underway that is leading us to the next great reformation in the church and how we are called to be a part of that.

If you would like, please feel free to email me at with any comments.

Strength and honor

David Engman


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