About a month ago, when my wife Shari and I were down at the Breakthrough warehouse sorting out clothes that were donated, I looked in the very back room and found some clothes I had not seen before. In with them was this amazingly nice, winter IOWA jacket. Black, with a nice hood too. I tried it on, showing it to Shari and said, “Wow, this is nicer than any jacket I have!” “ I’m keeping this in the trunk of our car for someone special.”

A week went by. After two weeks, Pete walked by with a guy looking for a jacket. Shari and I sized him up….he was too big of a guy for the jacket. Three weeks went by.

Last Tuesday, after we had put all the clothes out on the tables, I walked back to the car for something. I saw a man with a backpack pacing in place, looking over at the hoard of people that had descended down upon the clothes. I said to him, “Why don’t you go get some stuff”? He said he couldn’t. He said he was an ex-marine. He couldn’t handle being around crowds of people. I told him he should wait a bit and get some food at least. He said he eats out of dumpsters because of his problem being around people. He had “nut meds” but they didn’t help. He said he was cold and could really use a jacket. I asked him, “Do you have anything against Iowa?” He said no and that he was from Nebraska and pulled out his ID to show me. I opened up the car trunk and told him, “I’ve been saving this for someone special…I think you’re someone special.” His eyes lit up as he handed me his backpack and he tried it on. It really looked good on him! We chatted some more and he told his name was Joseph. Towards the end, I said, “God bless you”. He smiles and said, “God bless you too….I’m warm now.” He turned and walked away.

I felt blessed to have met him.


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