The Boots

I had a new pair of size 11 boots that I bought but never wore, as they didn’t fit me right. I wanted to give them to the right homeless person so I kept them in the car for 3 weeks. Towards the end of the Tuesday night Breakthrough Ministries, Dorothy Day even, something told me it was time to bring out the shoes. I walked to the car, opened the door and as I was bending down to pick them up, Dave yells to me, “Do we have any shoes, size 11?” My jaw dropped as I turned around to see Dave with a homeless man named Dan. His feet were totally pushed out of both of his shoes or what was left of them. Dave took the shoes from me and handed them to Dan who sat down on the curb and tried them on. They fit perfectly! His girlfriend said, “They are beautiful, baby!”

How could one not believe that God meant that those shoes to be saved for my new friend, Dan? All glory and praise to God!


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