I find myself thankful and grateful to be in a season where I am so hungry and thirsty for more of Him.  I have personally just completed two years of the “Potters Wheel” Leadership development program through my home church of Hosanna!  As we move forward, I have felt the call of the Lord to be more involved in Bethel Church out of Redding California.  So, Breakthrough has become a part of “The River Fellowship” which is run and hosted by a sister Church of Bethel called “The Family Church” out of Roseville (Sacremento) California.  The River is where I have been credentialled and ordained.  Bethel blessed our ministry and represents a spiritual covering for me personally as well as our ministry.  Now that we are a part of Bethel, we are a member of Global Legacy and have joined the Leadership Development Program.  Over the next year, this program will teach us 12 cultures that define Bethel Church in Redding California.

So, that is who we are and where we are headed…

PS…I will attempt to share the values that we learn as well as the stories over the next 12 months through this blog.




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