Revive TWIN CITIES 2014

In September, 2013 I first sat down for breakfast with the founder of Time To Revive, Kyle Martin.  During that meeting he asked me to be a part of his team to pursue revival here in the Twin Cities.  Little did I know just what that would mean to me personally or for the Breakthrough family.  I attended along with others many meetings with Church leaders throughout the Twin Cities to encourage them to participate in this as well.  In November of 2013, I was invited to experience Revive Richmond in Northern California.  It was a chance to see firsthand what Revive Twin Cities may look like.  The experience changed me as I started to develop relationships  with people who would come to mean so much  to me over the next year.  In January 2014, we conducted Prayer Week in which Breakthrough Ministries had the privilege of hosting hundreds of people every night in our Church building from various parts of the Country.  During that week our goal was to engage the Church of the Twin Cities by attempting to lay hands on and pray over 1500 Churches and invite them to experience this pursuit of revival.  Training was conducted once per month from February through June at various locations throughout the Twin Cities.  The vision was to beseech the Lord for 10,000 laborers.  In July 2014, over 219 Churches participated in a historic move of God as 3,410 of people hit the streets to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ of which 81 came from our very own Church.

Of all that I learned, one thing stood out from the rest and that was Kyle’s willingness to risk everything.  In so doing, God was faithful and every expense from the year was paid for.  God is good.  – David

Brief History

In 2006, Kyle Lance Martin sensed God calling him to pray for the city of Dallas, TX. He responded by driving throughout Dallas while praying and fasting, until God showed him a plot of land on Gaston Avenue that would become the site of a city awakening. In 2007, this vision came to life as the Dallas Revival, a 40-day tent-revival that gathered believers from 200 churches in the DFW Metroplex to worship and renew their love for Christ. The Dallas Revival became a spark for an even greater mission: to wake up the Church throughout the nation and to share the Truth that transforms lives, city by city.

By modeling, equipping, and empowering, Time to Revive identifies likeminded believers across the United States to boldly share the Gospel in preparation for the return of Christ. This week and in the weeks following, Time to Revive will be equipping and empowering the Twin Cites metro region in 2014 to model the love of Christ through by responding to His call to make disciples.

“The Church has, at times, done a good job of seeing the need for revival and responding with prayer and fasting. But it seems to always stop there. We have to take it one step further and actually go and make disciples. It’s a ‘both-and.’” -Kyle Martin



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