Family Fiesta Event – Oct 11 – Can You Help, Know Anyone Who Would Attend?

2014-oct-family-fiesta copy


Breakthrough is having a Fiesta Family Fun day on Saturday, Oct 11 from 1:00-6:00 in the parking lot outside of our church.  We hope to promote it to the surrounding community and have 100-200 persons in attendance.  This is a big promo to invite them into our church community to hear God’s Word.  Thank you for any help you can give.

We are looking for persons with special talents to be able to share and/or teach people during the event at various stations.  For example:  Face painting, juggling, balloon making, henna designs, musical talent like bongos, hacky sac, charactures, etc.

We also need persons for set up, clean up, making food, serving food, intercessory prayer, praying for others, talking with others, running games, etc.

Financially/materially we are needing help to cover the cost of the event, chips, helium balloons, blow up jumpers, blow up games, game supplies (jump ropes, tug-o-war ropes, buckets, bean bags, etc), hot dog & hamburger buns.

2014-oct-family-fiesta-handout-spanish copy


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