You Are Worth More Than Gold

Saturday at the Fiesta for Breakthrough Ministries, we were able to dance with the kids after they got their faces painted, We gave them crowns and sparkles to throw up in the air to a song that says to the kids, “You’re worth more than Gold”. Many of the kids and families were excited about it, I believe because they could feel the love and joy of the Lord through our ministry. Afterwards, one of the boys got hurt in the jumpy castle, a 7 yr. old named Eugene. I crawled in and began to pray over him. He moved close to me as I laid my hands on his head and back praying tenderly like I was his mother. I wiped away his tears but he seemed to want to stay there in my arms so I just kept praying and declaring good things over him.

They are hungry for the Father’s love.

Men and boys were dancing and waving flags, there was a new freedom in the atmosphere. I was able to encourage and greet many new people from the Phillips neighborhood.Then as we were packing up some of the older children came to me a wanted to dance again so I got out flags and we started making up our own dance together in a circle. The Holy Spirit prompted me to tell them as we danced, the meaning of the colors of flags: blue is for heaven, red for the blood of Jesus and silver for salvation…that when we ask Jesus into our hearts we are saved and will be in heaven with Him someday, It was great!

All glory to Father, Son and Holy Spirit~
Jolene Marek
Breakthrough Ministries

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