What Is Most Precious To You?

We had a great time at Breakthrough last Sunday night.  The prayer before, and then the worship, was so powerful.  All I could do was just look up. Even when then music wouldn’t play for our dances and the power went out in the sound booth, the Spirit was so strong that dance co-leader, Cheryl, prompted us to speak out the names of God and His goodness.  Then, another dancer began singing.  I felt led to speak out about the table of the Lord, that we will feast forever with Him. I declared how powerful His Blood is and that we cannot dwell at the table of the Lord and the the table of demons…we must choose. Then the power came came back on and the congregation lit up too, and they especially joined us and danced to “I Will Follow”.  Pastor Dave shared about his mom’s passing away, and there came peace and ultimate healing to his mom as God had given Dave an answer to his prayer.

Afterward, a man who has been in pagan worship and other destructive things came up broken, crying, and asking for prayer. So my husband and I prayed over him and his wife that they will have a place to live and healing in their lives. They had their things stolen and she told me that the Bible I had given her, was taken too. So I ran down to the office and got her a new Bible in her favorite color purple and she was so happy, jumping up and down in her seat…

They need food and shelter, but to her the Bible was the most precious thing. God bless them and give them a new life.

Jolene Marek – Breakthrough Associate Pastor, & Freedom To Dance Ministry Leader

Young man reading small Bible



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