Goolash And More!

Serving at Breakthrough on a Sunday night is a great experience for a group of friends, family members, a small group, and more.

Tonight, a group of us precooked our meal and brought it with us to serve.  We divided up the responsibility of the meal between us.  We had goolash for our main course, an Italian pasta salad, spinach salad, cookies & bars, a jello fruit salad, and buns.  It was a fantastically filling meal, but an even richer experience serving those who came over from the Dorothy Day Center and spending time sitting along side them enjoying our meals together.  Most of our group was able to sit down and share stories with our guests.  For me personally, I had a great conversation with a funny gentleman named Doc, who loves the Lord and was praising God for an opportunity in his life to maybe receive a place to stay for free.  He was raised in NC, but moved to MN because he heard there was work, but unfortunately, he hadn’t found work yet.  If the team was here with me right now, they’d share their stories as well, as I heard a few of them already, but know that with each visit to Breakthrough that the Lord is moving and changing lives and hearts.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to come along side my friends and serve the homeless.

Join us weekly!

-Terriann, Breakthrough Ministries


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