Homelessness Hits Our Vets – Prayers On This Special Day!

It’s important to take time to remember our vets and current soldiers who have, and will continue to, give all they have to ensure the freedoms that you and I enjoy today are kept in tack.  Please lift them up in prayer this special day, giving thanks and in protection of their lives.  Many of our vets find themselves in a state of homelessness as well and we need to especially lift up those vets in prayer that God would provide for them shelter, food, and a means of support.

It is estimated that 25% of those who are now homeless in Minnesota have served our country in the military and of those, 10% served in Vietnam, 4% in the Gulf War, and 8% in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Half of the 25% have reported service related health problems, 44% mental health problems, and 33% hearing problems. 1/3rd of these vets have screened positive for the possibility of a likely brain injury.

Almost all of homeless vets have completed high school and 50% have attended college.  Even though they have education, only 9% of them have been employed full time.  53% of homeless vets have been unemployed for over one year. Over half of homeless veterans reported that a physical, mental, or other health condition limited the amount or type of work they could do, and nearly one-third reported problems with memory, concentration, or decision-making.

Our hearts should break at these statistics.  These faithful men and women are struggling with their very basic needs.

Pray that the Lord touches each of our lives with hearts to help homeless vets.  Let us find them. Let us care for them. Let us share the love of The Father with them.


Statistics from The Wilder Research


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