Tire Blow Out Help!

Breakthrough is reaching out for prayer support and support for our bus.  Sunday night on our way to Dorothy Day Center to pick up the homeless for our evening meal and church service, on I94, our bus had a major tire blow out.  We did, however, scurry to gather some cars from our staff and volunteers to pick up our guests, so we were able to continue for the evening.  We are currently looking for a new tire for the bus as they are not cheap.  We’re also looking for any shop willing to donate some time to help repair our bus, or we are looking for additional donations to help fund the expensive repairs needed for our bus.  This bus is essential to our operation as we use it twice a week to transport those in homelessness. Know anyone who would be willing to bless Breakthrough with a: new tire, mechanical services, additional emergency donation, and/or prayer support for repair and protection?  Have a backup bus or large passenger van we can borrow for a couple of weeks? Please contact us ASAP if you are able to help.  David @ 612-567-7286 Bless you and THANKS!


(UPDATE 2:27pm 2/2: We have currently found a tire and someone to mount it on the bus.  Praise God for His provisions!)



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