Our Bus, Our Lifeline, Needs An Upgrade

Breakthrough Ministries is a non-profit 501C3 organization, fully supported through the generous donations from people like you.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  It should, we’ve been hearing this pitch from Public Television for decades.  Receiving donations from the public is how many Christian organizations survive each year.

One of the lifelines to Breakthrough Ministries is their bus, it’s an old rusted out Chevy diesel that brought schoolchildren back and forth to school for many years.  It served its time in with the Lakeville School District, was set out in the backyard gathering dust and rust until we found it and squeezed it for another 10K miles!  This bus, rescued with the intention of transporting the homeless from the shelter to church, offered a lifeline of hope for those who had no other way to attend our Minneapolis location in the Phillip’s Neighborhood.  The bus ride is a twenty-minute ride from the heart of one city into the heart of another; from a place of despair and loneliness to a place of hope and compassion; from the arms of government subsidy into the arms of a Savior.

We were excited to get this bus, kind of like when you picked out your first car, you knew it wasn’t going to be fancy, but it would be something that could get you from here to there.  However, after time and service your piece of “tired iron” began costing more to maintain than it was worth.  Our desire is to continue to provide transportation for the homeless to Breakthrough’s church and other ministry events.

 Our bus runs twice a week: Sundays to bring the homeless to a community meal and church service; then once again on Tuesday nights for Discovery Bible Study.  Each trip the bus is full and at times there is standing room only; especially during our bigger events.

This lifeline to Breakthrough Church is drawing short, last week we had a front tire blow out on the way to the shelter.  Just this week, two of the rear tires blew out on the way back to church.  Tire replacement is costly; one tire job exceeds $500.00.  We scrambled with our personal vehicles to get everyone back to the shelter.

The safety of our people is a concern!

We’re in need of our friends to take this financial risk with us, to purchase a newer used bus.  So much of what we do is dependent on providing transportation for the homeless.  Imagine not being able to worship corporately, or denied a place to study God’s Word in a corporate setting, even cut off from those who anticipate your arrival.  Any donation you can offer is worthy.  Some of you can you support the ministry through a monthly donation.  We are asking that you would allow God to work through your giving to be a blessing to the lost; we believe it can be done through generous donors like you.




Or, to submit a donation through the mail, complete the following form:  BT Donation Form

Thanks and God bless you!

Pete Couper, Breakthrough Ministries

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