Accomplishing The Ultimate Goal

“I’ve been volunteering with Breakthrough for the last month and my experience has been great. Out of the many wonderful things this ministry in doing in the Twin Cities, two things have stood out to me. One thing I have noticed is that everything they do is driven around the ultimate goal of bringing people to Christ. Through events such as the Sunday night meals, they use their abilities to meet the physical needs as a foot in the door to then provide for the spiritual needs as well. The other thing I’ve noticed is the personable approach they take to their ministry. Breakthrough goes beyond providing a service and instead aims at developing relationships. They take the time not only get to know those who walk in the door of their ministry, but to empower them. This became evident to me in hearing the stories of Breakthrough members who were once homeless, but are now back on their feet and have become committed volunteers. I encourage everyone to come check out what Breakthrough is doing and become part of the movement. ”

-Jeremy, Breakthrough Volunteer



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