Could We Have This Bus, God?

Over the last year, you may remember a few requests for prayer and financial help with our yellow bus.  It’s been in the shop a few times and has had some major tire issues.  It’s on its last leg (or last tire, so to speak) and we are needing to replace it fairly soon.  This bus is used throughout the week to transport homeless people from the shelter to Breakthrough for fellowship, church, and Bible study.  It is crucial to our ministry!  We are asking for specific prayers from our faithful prayer warriors once again.  Would you co-labor with us through prayer to ask that God would answer our prayers with this newer white bus?  We are trusting that He will hear our combined prayers and answer this need so that our ministry can continue.  We know that God is faithful!

“Father God, You are the author of all good things and You say to ask in Your Name and it will be done.  Together, we join in prayer to ask you to provide Breakthrough with a newer bus, possibly this white bus, so that Your ministry can continue to the homeless in the Twin Cities.  God, we trust You and we are confident that You hear and answer prayers and we deliver this request into Your hands in the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen!”

10385291_10205137298210422_8240044455035390102_n 11145196_10205137297890414_6811702522870698133_n

(Current bus-Yellow.  Desired bus – White)


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