Blast The Trumpets – Join Us May 28

Blast The Trumpets!

You’re Invited, May 28 @ 6:30 pm!

When: Thursday, May 28 @ 6:30 pm
Where:  Messiah Church, 16725 Highview Ave, Lakeville MN 55044
What: Come be stirred by where Breakthrough Ministries has been and where it is headed.  Plus, enjoy appetizers especially prepared just for you.
Who:  You and any of your guests who would love to hear about Breakthrough Ministries
RSVP: Link below

Gathering Strength for Breakthrough

In honor of the Lord of the harvest and in recognition and appreciation of those who have faithfully co-labored with us in this great, disciple-making commission, Breakthrough Ministries would like to extend an invitation to gather together with us on Thursday, May, 28th, at 6:30PM to celebrate the first fruits of this ministry of “Leading the Lost Home”. Messiah Lutheran Church has extended us an invitation to gather at their church in Lakeville.

We will remember the leading and works of the Lord, the people, and promise of His restorative power among the homeless on these Twin Cities streets. We will worship and look in prayerful expectation to the Holy Spirit, who’s presence and power alone can equip us to be a witnessing community that demonstrates the Kingdom and surpassing worth of Christ. We will share Breakthrough’s enlarged vision and growing desire to accomplish more that is in His heart for the least of these, as missionaries to the poor and powerless in ‘every tribe, tongue and nation’ dwelling within our ‘Jerusalem’, the Phillips community as well as the surrounding Twin Cities area.

During our evening, there will be an opportunity and call to action to partner with us in His work as the LORD leads.

Friends, from the Supreme Court to our city streets, we are living in turbulent and testing times where we recognize the lateness of the hour for HIS kingdom to come, and the need for breakthroughs throughout the Body of Christ. As stewards of the grace of the gospel, we recognize that we are all contending together for the expression of His Life in our marriages, families, churches and communities where we live or work. It is our earnest hope that our time together will provide an environment for your own edification and encouragement, a sanctuary for the stirring of the gifts and calling He has placed within you. Please do let us know how we may serve or pray for you in your present or future need!

As Nehemiah said, “The work is very spread out, and we are widely separated from each other along the wall. When you hear the blast of the trumpet, [let us] rally to wherever it is sounding. Then our God will fight for us!” (Nehemiah 4:19, 20).

We hope and pray to see you on the 28th.  Please feel free to invite others as the Lord leads you.  This is not an exclusive invitation, but an inclusive for all who seek to be encouraged in what the Lord is doing through Breakthrough and what He may choose to do through you.

RSVP Link: I Can Make it!  (or email:


Pastor David Engman




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