Blast The Trumpet!

We had an amazing time last night celebrating what the Lord has done through Breakthrough over the past 6 years and what He has in store for us the future. There are so many more potentials to reach out to those in need in the Twin Cities.  Together, we talked about some opportunities that are currently before Breakthrough which included the potential to purchase a significant building in the Phillips Neighborhood where Breakthrough currently resides, to our needs of more laborers to reach out to hurting people in many different culture groups.

Did you miss out on our celebration?  If so, we’d love to personally share with you some upcoming opportunities to partner.  Please contact us and we’ll be glad to personally meet you and see how the Lord might work.

Thanks to all those who have partnered with us in the past and to all those the Lord will be drawing in to join our outreach.

Might the Lord be stirring your heart?

Check out some photos from last night’s celebration:


bt-may28-2015-152 copy


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