“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It In 23 Years!”

Albert Lea, Soul Fest, August 16, 2015…

Thank you, Jesus, for an awesome outreach in Albert Lea- Soulfest on Saturday, August 16!! It was a hot day riding down and serving with our Breakthrough team, along with the Salvation Army and Grace Church.  Wow… The Spirit really heated things up: people got healed and delivered and we gave away 50,000 lbs. of free food. One man got out of the wheelchair and began to walk after 4 years. We had an awesome prayer team!!  We experienced the presence of God in a mighty way at the Soul Fest this past weekend, as His presence poured out in Albert Lea. Pastor George told me yesterday that in the 23 years he has been ministering there he has never seen anything like this.

Thanks to Pastor George of Grace Church and Pastor Dave of Breakthrough for leading the way.  We had an awesome concert and dancing, ending with a train of about 40-50 people dancing/marching to “When the Saints go Marching in.  It was a powerful time for testimony, the Gospel, and the power of Jesus to be shared. On Sunday, we headed back at Breakthrough where Hosanna! Pastor, Tim Hatt, came to speak, joined by his son’s youth group who shared a skit and testimonies from their mission to Honduras.  Lead us on to Victory, Lord Jesus!!  Blessings and thanks to all there!

Here is just one of the testimonials from Soul Fest:

“We ordered 15,000 pounds of food and they delivered well over 50,000 pounds. All of it came in a 55 foot (donated) refrigerated semi. Unfortunately – we didn’t have a fork lift. Most of the items were in totes and each tote, depending on the product, was between 500 – 1000 pounds. There was 8 totes of sweet corn, 2 totes of Zucchini, 2 totes of bell peppers, 2 pallets of cucumbers, 1 tote of cabbage – 100 cases of water, cereal, bread, buns…  Well, you get the picture… a lot of heavy stuff.

We planned on this taking an hour to unload Saturday morning – but three hours later, we were only half done when the people from the community started to show up to take it. This heavy work in 93 degree temperature really took a toll on our workers. We had so much food set out that I was concerned it wouldn’t go and we still had the other half in the semi trailer. Pastor George from Grace Church and I talked about this and went right to prayer – “Lord, send the people!” Pastor Jose from Breakthrough was coordinating the distribution.  Dinner was scheduled to start at 5:00, which brought more people (praise God). The Salvaion Army had a team dedicated to prepping the meal and serving it, and they did an amazing job!  They deserve so much credit for how well organized they were.

Worship started at 6:00 followed by the concert. At the end of the concert, I realized how much food was still left and had noticed earlier that the majority of the cucumbers still in the trailer were rotten. As I contemplated what to do, I asked the Lord for direction. A few minutes later a hog farmer pulled up with a pig trailer.  I had spoken to his wife earlier in the day and she thought maybe they could take some to feed the pigs, but I had forgotten about that and low and behold, there he was. It became all-hands on deck as everyone there chipped in as we loaded the spoiled cucumbers on to his trailer and other produce that came in spoiled (This is all rescue food – and usually 10-20% is spoiled upon delivery). God even had a plan for that – ha!

The next morning the workers were treated to breakfast at the Salvation Army. There, I talked with the team about the 20,000 pounds of food that was sitting in the refrigerated trailer. The big question was how are we going to get it out and then what will we do with it? Our day was unfolding as we had worship and church scheduled. Pastor George from Grace Church preached “You are God’s special treasure” and then invited people forward for prayer. During prayer, I felt the Lord speak to me about circling the grounds 7 times (like Joshua did in Jericho) and when I was done, Pastor George was still laying hands on and praying for people. I started to think about the food in the truck. It was noon and I was planning on leaving at 1:00 to get back for Breakthrough Church. We still needed to pack up our trailer with our equipment. I prayed, “Lord, I don’t feel right about leaving that trailer full of food. What are we going to do?” At that point, I approached Marlin, one of the hardest workers I had the privilege of working with from the Salvation Army, and said we need more boxes. Churches were letting out and were starting to show up for food and we didn’t have boxes for them. So we walked over to the building that they were being stored in. As we approached the door, I noticed a big truck with a fork boom on it parking in the lot with a man and women getting out. I said to them, “Who called you?” The man said, “I saw free food and thought I would get lunch.” I said, “No one called you to come help?” He said, “Help with what?” I knew the Lord sent him. I asked if that truck was capable of lifting the totes out of the semi trailer. He said, “No problem.” I was filled with joy and shouted, “Amen!” We unloaded the entire trailer in 30 minutes and moved them under the tents. We packed up the Breakthrough trailer and prayed that God would send people to take the food. Pastor George texted me at 9:30 pm and said that he wasn’t able to leave because there was a constant flow of people coming to pick up the food. He told me he prayed with people constantly for about 7 hours straight.  When the last car left Sunday night, there was only twelve ears of corn left. He said over 500 people from Albert Lea had come that day to get food. The next morning, he went back and the 12 ears of corn were gone. God had a plan all along. Nothing was wasted.

I want to thank ALL of the obedient, faithful and hard workers who helped pour into Albert Lea. I want to encourage you to consider helping us next year as we pour into Pine City, Minneapolis, and Albert Lea (again) as we pursue our purpose of advancing the Gospel to the ends of the earth while leading the lost home – “Big Tent Revival” style.”

-Jolene Marek, Breakthrough Ministries Pastor


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