Iowans Have An Encounter

What an exciting Valentine’s Day.  Today, we were blessed with a group of students from Ankeny, Iowa who came up to have an encounter day finding and loving on the lost in Minneapolis.  After our church service at Monte Sinai Church, we broke out into three large groups, one to the global market, another to the Mercado market, and a third to the Somali village.  We spent two hours sharing the love of Jesus with each other and with others we met.  What a gift to have some student leaders from FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) led by two students, Dominick & Amanda.   Dominick & Amanda attended our Go Training last month and had stepped up to help lead this group of students from Iowa.  After our time on the streets, we gathered for a time of debrief and testimony sharing and then our student group prepared the community meal for the homeless.  All in all a perfect Valentine’s Day spent working for the one who loves us all the most, Jesus Christ.


We are feeling blessed.

Does your group want to be trained to encounter?  Let us know.


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