Thanksgiving Thankfullness

“Sunday night, was full of beauty and chaos for me. Isn’t that always how it is though? The Lord can make the beauty shine in the midst of chaos. We had our Thanksgiving meal at Breakthrough on Sunday night and our special guest Pastor Ian Peters, gave a simple but moving message and I was able to see some people pray to accept Christ or pray to return to Christ. Then the Needs Closet was open. It is cold outside and we were able to fill the needs of about 30 people, but some needs were left unmet. I was really happy to be able to provide Mark with a coat last night, He had been waiting for one that fits him for a while. When I went to take is photo (as we photograph everyone who gets a coat to pray over them), he stood straight up at attention and saluted as he is a veteran and I had to still myself from breaking down in tears. I love working with Breakthrough more for the people we meet every Sunday and Tuesday night, they humble and encourage me. I am thankful for this Ministries dedication for bring the lost home to their Father. “

by Lacie P – Breakthrough Ministries

This past Sunday was Breakthrough’s Thanksgiving celebration where we served around 130 meals to those in need utilizing a wealth of around 70 volunteers who said “Yes” to helping serve this simply scrumptious meal.  Thanks to all of those who gave of their time and resources to make this celebration a success of the heart and stomach!


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