Kevin Has Gone Home

A beloved friend of the Breakthrough family, Kevin Douglas Johnson died Monday morning. Please pray for his family and to all who will mourn his death. Kevin was a gentle, warm, and lovable soul who has been involved in the ministry of Breakthrough for many years. His presence will be greatly missed. He was a proud and enthusiastic member of our weekly Image Bearer gathering for a number of years as well as a graduate of our evangelical ministry training/outreach program. We will plan to conduct a short celebration of his life in the coming weeks during our Sunday evening worship service. We will post that information soon on our website.


Many Blessings

“It’s a full house with Breakthrough Ministries. Great crowd enjoying chicken, potatoes, corn, salad and dessert. Praise God. ”  – Steve R, Breakthrough

“Last night this faith club representing 9 churches gathered at Breakthrough to serve the homeless. We went out on the streets in downtown Minneapolis to pray with people and invite them to our meal. We also had another 22 volunteers join us as well – 40 volunteers who helped serve the meal. We had so many homeless guests show up that we had to squeeze extra tables into the dining hall. Our worship service led by Jon Russell was simply amazing – Janie Lalor preached about the mercy seat. Jesus poured love all over us tonight. Thank you all who served tonight.” – David E, Breakthrough Ministries

Easter Celebration

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”  Matthew 28:6

The best part of our year is celebrating the defeat of death by Jesus’ rising from the dead!  Praise God for what He has done for us!  What a glorious day it was from the beautiful weather to our 39 volunteers who came out to serve those who needed a blessing for the day.  Joy overfilled our church on Sunday night.

Happy Easter, for He has in deed risen!

Pray For Those In Need

It is such a blessing to bless those who don’t have.  We ask you to join us in prayer for those in need, that they will find that next meal, place to lay their head down, and cloths for their bodies.

-Steve R, Breakthrough Ministries

Join us each Sunday in serving a community meal for those in need.

We Ran Out of Food

We were blessed with such a HUGE turnout at Breakthrough Ministries on Sunday evening, that we gladly ran out of food… but not before feeding everyone. Thank you Lord for providing just enough to feed everyone.

– Steve, Breakthrough Ministries

Andrea’s Go Fund Me Blessing

Last night was so great at Breakthrough. I was able to share the gospel with one of our guests after she had questions about the daily bread booklets one of our volunteers handed out. It was amazing to she her eyes shine, when she told me those stories answered questions she has had for years. Also, I want to give a huge shout out to Andrea A., a Minneapolis College of Art and Design, student who started a GoFundMe account to raise money for feminine products for the homeless. Her donation is extremely appreciated and allows us to jump start the Needs Closet’s part in our Tuesday Outreach. As an MCAD alum, I know how demanding the homework schedule is and to take time to think of others is super encouraging to me! Such a blessing!

– Lacie, Breakthrough Ministries, Needs Closet

Blessed By Our Volunteers

We are so thankful to God for all of the volunteers who come weekly to help serve those in need in the Minneapolis area.  Yesterday, we had volunteers from Plymouth Covenant Church, Faith Center Revival Church, Dare To Believe, Christ Redeemer Church, and others.  What a blessing!


Needs Closet Season Transition

The weather has been crazy this last couple of weeks and it’s been a journey with trying to figure out when and how the Needs Closet is going to transition from winter clothing to spring/summer clothing. The switch will be starting slowly at the end of this month and with that in mind, please pray with us about how God wants us to work in this community during those summer months and how that transition should look. We do have somethings we are looking to fill in our Needs Closet, please check out the post and let me know if anyone has anything to donate. I hope you all have an amazing week!! – Lacie P, Breakthrough Ministries

Check out the current needs:  NEEDS CLOSET FACEBOOK

A Clean Happy Bus

A clean bus is a happy bus. Do you have a giving heart? Volunteer, come out with us, and help us feed and love on the less fortunate each Sunday at the beautiful Historic Wesley in down town Minneapolis – Steve R, Breakthrough Ministries

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