(Free) Wesley Parking lot – There is a small parking lot on the south side of the Historic Wesley Center.  Entrance to the lot is only available from 1st Ave S which is a northbound one-way.  Parking is free to our volunteers. Our parking attendant will give you a parking pass at the entrance to the lot or inside the south door. This pass must be returned at the end of the evening.

($3.00) Metered parking is available on the streets.  The meters accept credit cards and the cost is typically $3.00.  We recommend street parking on the west side of 1st Ave S.

($5.00) Hyatt/Loring Park Parking Ramp located on the NE corner of Nicollet Ave and W. Grant St.  – Due to construction on Nicollet Mall, you must enter this ramp from S Marquette Ave and Alice Rainville Place – follow the signs to the ramp.  We have parking validations available for $5 cash.  Please bring the parking stub and cash to Jim Rottinger (Breakthrough Staff) to obtain the validation to exit the ramp.  Without the validation it will cost $12 to park in this lot.

Please enter the Historic Wesley Center through the south-side (parking lot) glass doors.