Serving Opportunities


This page is designed to give you all of the details you should need about serving.  Click here to print.  

Breakthrough Ministries provides opportunities for individuals or groups to serve the homeless and needy in a variety of ways.

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  • NOTE: Volunteer Liability Waiver Requirement
    • Travel
    • Parking
    • When you arrive
    • Entering the building
    • Then where do I go?
    • What will happen from there?

IMPORTANT NOTE: All volunteers need to complete a volunteer waiver form prior to volunteering.  This form will be available for you when you arrive for training.


Please Read – In an effort to simplify and make it easier for volunteers to serve, we have changed our expectations and process.

The old way – We used to ask groups to plan, purchase, prepare, deliver and serve a meal for up to 100 people.  Volunteers typically allocated $125.00 for the cost of the food.  It has been challenging to find leaders willing to consistently take on so much responsibility.

The new way – In an effort to simplify, we have hired staff and now plan, purchase, prepare and clean up after the meal so groups can come and simply serve.

In an effort to offset the cost, we suggest (not required) that each individual make a $20 donation to Breakthrough.  Please see SUGGESTED DONATION below for details.


Because Breakthrough has hired a kitchen staff that includes two chefs, clean up and a security crew – we now plan, purchase, prepare and clean up after the meal so groups can come and simply serve.  We are asking you to help offset the costs.  We suggest a donation of $20 per volunteer. You may either bring a check or cash and give it to Jim Rottinger or David Engman the day you serve or you may go to our donations page and do a one time online donation.


Breakthrough Ministries now has a kitchen staff who will plan, purchase, and prepare the meal for the evening.  Your volunteer serving team will be given instructions at the 4:30 pm orientation about your specific job responsibilities for the evening.  Some of the opportunities include the following and will be allocated based on the number of people in your group.  We ask that meal serving volunteers commit to stay for 2 ½ hours from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.  Orientation & training starts at 4:30 pm after which you will eat, then serve the meal, and attend the service with our homeless guests.  Our commitment is to release you to leave by 7:00 pm.

Serve Sunday evening meal (4:30 – 7:00 pm) to the homeless and people experiencing poverty We do this every Sunday.

We have two opportunities in this area of service:

1) Meal Platers work in the kitchen plating the food for the servers to serve.  We can accommodate up to 3 volunteers.

2) Servers who work in the dining area and whom connect with our guests.              *We can accommodate up to 40 volunteers.

Expect to arrive at Historic Wesley Center by 4:30 pm for orientation.  You will eat, serve the meal, and attend the service which ends at 7:00 pm.

Serve in our Needs Closet (6:00 – 8:00 pm).  We have an opportunity on Sundays to help serve in our needs closet.  We can accommodate up to 2 volunteers.

We have one opportunity in this area of service:

1) Needs Closet volunteers are welcome to come early to meet with guests.  It is our desire to have you attend the service first, but there may be items that must be sorted and put away in the closet in which case, you will not be expected in the service.

Expect to arrive at Historic Wesley Center by 6:00 pm and check in at the closet located in the dining hall.  You will attend the closet which opens at 7:15 and then work in the closet until 8:00 pm.


Breakthrough Ministries is located in the beautiful Historic Wesley Center (Downtown Minneapolis) on the NW Corner of the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Address:  Historic Wesley Center, 101 E Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403.


Your time is important to us.  However, we do ask for a 2 1/2 hour serving commitment that includes attending the worship service for those who serve the meal.  The reason this is so important is that we ask you to make a connection during the meal with a guest.  We ask you to invite them to the service and sit with them.  Experience has shown us that our guests will generally be more inclined to come if they are invited. We release meal serving volunteers at 7:00 pm.

4:30 pm –  Check-in & Orientation Meeting (Reception Hall Conference Room – adjacent to the Sanctuary)

5:00 pm –   Volunteers eat dinner

5:15-6:00 pm – Volunteers Serve the meal to our guests

6:00-7:00 pm – Worship, Message, Communion or Testimony in the Sanctuary

7:00 pm – Release volunteers (Except Needs Closet) to go home

7:00 – 7:15 pm – Prayer and Ministry

7:15 -7:45 pm – Needs Closet

7:45 pm – Load bus and depart for St. Paul.



Consider travel time so that you will be in orientation at 4:30 pm.  Travel times can be affected by Sporting events (Vikings, Twins, or Timberwolves games) or large events being held at the Convention Center.  Also, downtown can be tricky to navigate.  Plan ahead by looking at this map  – zoom in to notice directional arrows as they indicate one-way travel.  Plan your trip in allowing for adequate time to find parking.  Parking can be tricky as well.

Parking (in suggested order):

(Free) Wesley Parking lot – Due to construction, space is extremely limited in our parking lot which is located on the South side of the Church.  Entrance to the lot is only available from 1st Ave S which is a Northbound one-way.  However, it is free to our volunteers, so it is worth checking there first.

($3.00) Metered parking is available on the streets.  The meters accept credit cards and the cost is typically $3.00.  I recommend street parking on the west side of 1st Ave S.

($5.00) Hyatt/Loring Park Parking Ramp located on the NE corner of Nicollet Ave and W. Grant St.  – Due to construction on Nicollet Mall, you must enter this ramp from S Marquette Ave and Alice Rainville Place – follow the signs to the ramp.  We have parking validations available for $5 cash.  Please bring the parking stub and cash to Jim Rottinger (Breakthrough Staff) to obtain the validation to exit the ramp.  Without the validation it will cost $12 to park in this lot.

When you arrive

Remember, volunteers should arrive before 4:30 pm to attend orientation and job assignment meeting held from 4:30 -4:55 pm.

Entering the building

No matter where you park, we ask volunteers to enter the building through the glass doors from the Wesley parking lot.

We have Security and they can direct you if you get confused.

Then where do I go?

When you enter the building through the glass door, go to the right and up the ramp.  At the top of the ramp is a door that you will go through that leads you into our reception hall.  The conference room is located on the opposite side of the reception hall you entered. Again, we start orientation at 4:30 pm in that room.

What will happen from there?

  • Orientation – You will learn about the vision of Breakthrough and be given job duty instructions.
  • Eat – We serve our volunteers a meal at 5:00 pm.
  • Serve – You will either plate meals or serve them.
  • Attend Service – We ask that you invite a guest to the service and sit with them.
  • Released – At 7:00 pm we release our meal serving volunteers.  You are free to stay during prayer and ministry time if you would like, but it is not expected.


Worship Team:  Have a desire to help with worship?  Does your church have a worship team who would bless Breakthrough on a Sunday evening?  We’d love to have you come and exercise your talents in worship! This is a great opportunity for teams who may not get the opportunity to play that often and are looking for more experience. For information about this opportunity, please contact our Worship Leader, Heidi Hutchenson at (612) 889-1502 or email her at

Prayer Team:  Have a desire to pray?  We are looking to start a prayer team that will commit to praying for our ministry.  This will include leading the team on Sunday’s as well as throughout the week.  For information about this opportunity, please contact Jim Rottinger at (952) 412-3594 or email him at


Click on any serving area for more Specific information and to sign up.

  • Bus Drivers Needed:  Each week Breakthrough transports the homeless from the shelter to Breakthrough for the Free Community Meal and Discovery Bible Study.  Do you have a CDL?  Can you donate some of your time to helping us transport individuals.  Sign up for designated times.

Here’s what a typical serving night at Breakthrough looks like:






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