Worship Teams

Each Sunday evening at 6:00 pm, we provide a Christian non-denominational church service to the homeless bused over from the local shelter. We love to have churches volunteer to bring in their worship team to lead a Sunday night service. This is a great opportunity for youth worship teams wanting more experience. A small team is all that is needed, but larger ones may come as well. We’d like a minimum of one singer, one guitar player, one keyboard player. Team will need to provide their own equipment. We do have speakers and microphones.

Does your church have a worship team who would love to bless Breakthrough on a Sunday evening?  We’d love to have you come to lead worship!

This is a great opportunity for teams who may not get the opportunity to play that often and are looking for more experience.

  • Practice:  5:00-5:45
  • Service Worship: 6:00-6:20
  • Approximate number of songs: 4-5.  Pre-approval of songs is required prior to assigned Sunday.


Contact us directly at: 612-567-7286 or breakthroughmn@gmail.com


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