Volunteer Feedback

In order to keep our volunteers encouraged and motivated to serve, we’d love any feedback you have about your experience helping with Breakthrough or attending a Breakthrough event or ministry opportunity.
  • Do you have a story from your time serving?
  • Did you connect with someone from the community or even a team member?
  • How did God move in you or around you?

We’d love to hear your short story to motivate others.

If you story is fairly lengthy and/or you have photos to share, please feel free to email the story and photos to: breakthroughmn@gmail.com
We thank you up front for your willingness to share your feedback and stories.  These mean so much to us and to many others!
We are always seeking volunteers and donors. Please consider being a regular volunteer and donor. Monthly donations can be set up on our website.  Sign up on our website and/or our facebook to receive regular updates and volunteer opportunities.

1 thought on “Volunteer Feedback

  1. Kate just said that it makes her happy to serve other people. I agree! I really appreciate the fact that we’re not just serving people food but sitting and fellowshiping with them and then worshipping together afterwards. This was a tremendous blessing. I loved the prayer before the meal and when Janie started singing. I loved seeing the hearts of people who are called to serve at Breakthrough and how they love people like Jesus does. It’s a powerful example for everyone who helps. I loved meeting all of the people who were there and look forward to seeing them again. I’m very thankful Terriann invited us to come along! God bless you!!

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