Wildhearts Ministry


Our Mission:  To reach out to teens and adults who are struggling or have struggled with substance abuse, behavioral issues or other life challenges, giving them a change to experience the peace, beauty and challenges of God’s wilderness and a hope for restoration.

Our Program: It’s a simple one… give people a chance to experience the joys of the wilderness when they may otherwise not be able to do so themselves. Show them adventure, love and fellowship.

Wild Hearts Ministry is not a treatment program or a counseling service. We are simply here to give those who are struggling a chance to do something different. Something that we believe can actually be life-changing.

Getting out in the wilderness allows someone to experience peace, solitude and beauty while at the same time participating in activities with others, experiencing fellowship and building relationships. It is an opportunity to get away from life’s distractions and think clearly. It is a chance to push one’s self to do things you might not otherwise every try. It is a chance to discover new things and see that there is so much out there available to us and it’s wonderful!

For more information and/or to get involved visit Wild Hearts Adventures Website.

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