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At Breakthrough Ministries, we have embarked on an unparalleled mission to bridge the gap between spiritual yearning and compassionate action. From our humble beginnings, our passion has always been to ignite a beacon of hope for those lost in the shadows, bringing together communities and igniting a transformational change, one heart at a time.

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Our Mission

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During our serving season your group can come and be equipped to walk like Jesus. Check back soon for new Short Term Missions Page!

Discover who you were created to be by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Come alone or with your small group and learn how to do what the Bible says out on the street!

From our podcast to our streaming services, reach us no matter where you are. Join us and learn how to apply the Bible to your everyday life.

Who are we?

What is Breakthrough?

“Breakthrough” is the profound moment of transformation that stands at the intersection of service and spirituality, a core tenet of Breakthrough Ministries mission. It represents a deeply personal and transformative journey, where individuals, regardless of their current circumstances, experience a tangible shift in their lives. By blending practical acts of service with profound spiritual encounters, individuals are not only empowered to overcome their challenges but also to deepen their connection with God. This unique fusion catalyzes personal revelations, allowing individuals to rise above adversities, especially the challenges faced by the homeless, and find renewed purpose, hope, and faith.

Beyond just a fleeting moment, a breakthrough, as conceptualized by Breakthrough Ministries, is a cyclical journey of hope and renewal. It’s about individuals being equipped and empowered, not just as recipients of a meal or training, but as active agents of change within their communities. As they experience their personal breakthroughs, they simultaneously become catalysts for positive transformation in the lives of others. It’s this ripple effect of change, hope, and spiritual growth, emanating from each personal breakthrough, that forms the bedrock of the ministry’s nationwide impact.



We invite you to be part of our story. Whether it’s through volunteering, attending our worship services, or supporting our mission, you have the power to make a difference. Together, we can redefine what community looks like, fostering a world where love, service, and unity prevail.

Our Team


Pastor David Engman


Pastor Scott Brekke

Operations Director

Liz Miller

Communications Director

Shevaun Rottinger

Executive Assistant

Pastor Marsha King

Prayer Ministry and Evangelism Director

Mitchell Engman

Finance Clerk

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