Introducing The Breakthrough Ministries'

Kingdom Investment Campaign

The Breakthrough Equipping Center is a vision of hope that lies at the heart of our city. More than just a structure, the Equipping Center is where we prepare passionate ambassadors of Christ to spread the transformative love of Jesus with confidence and grace. Envision our city on fire with disciples eager to serve, make meaningful connections, and change lives.

The goal of this campaign is to strategically renovate our 23,000-square-foot facility to ensure the ministry’s long-term success. We initiated the dream through generous early donations and our investment, all totaling $1.9 million. Now, with the city’s approval and tax-exempt status, we’re on a promising trajectory. We’re not just constructing a building but igniting a flame of spiritual renewal, and our journey requires a pivotal $15 million to renovate and run this ministry for five years. After this, Breakthrough Ministries’ strategic goal is to become sustainable without the need to entirely relying on outside donations.

A Vision Comes To Life

Breakthrough Ministries was born out of a calling to serve where Jesus would if He were in today’s Twin Cities—among the homeless and impoverished. This journey of service began with a small team led by a vision to extend a hand to those often overlooked. Our mission gained momentum from an encounter with a man named Nick, who became our guide into the heart of a hidden community.

Outreach grew from simple acts of kindness, like distributing hot dogs, to large, open-air gatherings that became a weekly beacon of hope, earning them the name “Church Without Walls.”

Our heartfelt work and growing need for a permanent space led to an extraordinary gift—a building in downtown Minneapolis. This was more than a property; it was the fulfillment of a dream, a place where we could serve, connect, and support people in need, as well as host volunteers and missionaries. With this building, Breakthrough Ministries is poised to expand its reach, embodying our mission to facilitate transformative encounters with the divine and provide a sanctuary for those seeking to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

The Three-Phased Plan

Phase 1

The foundation of our vision starts at the first floor which will be designed as both a culinary and resting hub. It will include a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen serving multiple purposes throughout the year. Adjacent to this, will be “sleeping dorms” specifically designed to house our Short-Term Mission Teams. These mission teams will occupy the space from April to September, and from October to March the space will host various church partners, groups, and events.

Phase 2

The second floor will be a unique space creatively designed and dedicated to spiritual nourishment and communal growth. This floor will house our worship center, a place where souls are rejuvenated through ministry, conferences, retreats, and special events. Adding a touch of divine serenity, eventually, we would also like to include a rooftop worship area where believers can look out over and feel the pulse of the city while lifting their voices in worship.

Phase 3

The basement will become the nerve center for the operations of the Breakthrough Equipping Center. As the backbone of our entire mission, this will be much more than just a functional space. This area will also include conference rooms used as strategic planning think-tanks and fostering spiritual discussions and growth.


The Equipping Center Comes To Life

Join us as we take a look at what the Breakthrough Ministries Equipping Center will look like after the renovation. $5 million of the Kingdom Investment Campaign will go to bringing this vision to life, while the rest goes to keeping us fully operational for 5 years. 

Investing In The Kingdom

Every Cent To The Goal

We Are On Our Way!


Kingdom Investment 13%
Raised: $1,900,000
Goal: $15,000,000

Join us on a transformative mission to complete the Breakthrough Ministries Equipping Center, a beacon of hope and change in countless lives. As we embark on this ambitious journey to raise $15 million, your support becomes more than just a donation—it becomes a foundational brick in building a center dedicated to spiritual growth, service, and transformative encounters with God. Every contribution, big or small, pushes us closer to our goal, ensuring that the Equipping Center stands as a testament to community, faith, and the power of collective endeavor. By becoming a monthly supporter, you're not just funding a building; you're investing in the countless personal breakthroughs and stories of hope that will emerge from its walls. Together, let's bring the vision of the Breakthrough Ministries Equipping Center to life!

Come and experience Breakthrough Ministries!


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