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At Breakthrough Ministries, our vision goes beyond traditional outreach; we aim to share the profound love of Jesus, one encounter at a time, and then equip others to do the same. Short Term Missions teams come from all over the US to spend a week with us learning and being equipped.

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Mission Team Equipping

Street Ministry Training

Street Ministry Training: Central to our mission is equipping short-term mission teams to serve the homeless of Minneapolis with compassion, understanding, and authenticity. Our comprehensive training immerses teams in the art and heart of street ministry. We believe that to truly serve, one must understand, empathize, and connect, and our guidance ensures teams are well-prepared for this task.

Hearing and Following the Holy Spirit

A transformative experience we offer is the practice of 'treasure hunting.' This spiritual exercise involves seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance and asking for specific revelations about individuals we might meet during street ministry. These divine nudges provide insights into the stories, struggles, or needs of those we encounter, allowing for deeper connections and more impactful ministry moments.

Prayer and Connection

Our training extends to teaching teams how to pray for those they meet on the streets. This direct engagement, powered by genuine care and the love of Jesus, can be a beacon of hope for many. By offering a moment of prayer, we're not just extending our hands, but our hearts, signaling that no one is alone in their journey.

Serving Meals and More

From the heart of the Breakthrough Equipping Center, we channel the spirit of service by offering meals to the homeless. It's more than just sustenance; it's a gesture that says, 'We see you, we care for you.'

The Future - Short Term Mission Team Dorms

As we look to the future and the completion of the Equipping Center renovation, our vision is expanding. We're thrilled to share that soon, we'll be able to host mission teams for week-long stays in our dedicated Short Term Mission Team dorms. This will provide teams with a holistic experience, right from training to hands-on street ministry, all under one roof.

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