Special Guest, Kevin Lovegreen

In the last episode, The Bible Breakthrough covered Genesis 3:1 – 24, and we saw how deception and confusion led to Adam and Eve sinning and sin’s brutal consequences. The scripture that we will read in episode 5 is Genesis 4:1-26. Here you’ll see how dramatically sin has affected humanity as Cain murders his brother, Abel.

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5 Steps To Your Bible Breakthrough

We have a simple process we follow when consuming, or studying, the Bible. You will see this format play out in our podcast and vlog as well. It might be helpful to print this blog article out so you can make a habit out of this way of studying the word.

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Podcast Episode 1: The Beginning of Creation from the Book of Genesis

We sometimes wonder how our world came to be. But here we find our answer. Our research has concluded that God created the earth and everything in it and made humans like himself. Although we may not understand the complexity of just how he did it, it is clear that God did create all life. This shows not only God’s authority over humanity but his deep love for all creation.

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In The Beginning

Every story has a beginning, and so does the most extraordinary story ever told; God’s story. Think about this: God created the universe at the beginning of this story. He put everything in order, forming all the planets, stars, and galaxies, and he set them in motion. God created all the living creatures on earth and the crown of his creation he made in his image, humans. Creation isn’t the only “beginning” recorded in the Bible, though.

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