Kathrine O

How do you feel that your experience at Breakthrough has equipped you to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus?

It’s a mission trip without a passport 😉

From the time you walk into the door until the time you leave, you need to be praying, listening, and obeying the Lord in order to love, feed, and minister to His people, our guests.
I feel equipped to love, honor, and respect “strangers” in some of their weakest moments and petition with them and for them for healing, provision, hope, salvation, redemption, restoration, and BREAKTHROUGH in their lives through Jesus Christ.
I am emboldened to carry this love and compassion for others in my day-to-day life.  God continues to use me, and the Holy Spirit flows through me when I encounter people at the store, on the street, and in my life.
Has your experience with Breakthrough Ministries inspired you to do ministry differently? If yes, please tell us how you did ministry before your Breakthrough experience and how it is different now. 

Ummmmm, I wasn’t “doing ministry” before, and I’m definitely just getting started on this amazing adventure with Jesus.

I had been on mission trips, volunteered at church, adopted one of my daughters, helped widows and widowers financially and relationally, donated money, packed food at FMSC, and counseled many friends.
What would you say to them if you could share one thing with someone who has never experienced Breakthrough Ministries or might be on the fence about volunteering with us? 

The harvest is absolutely plentiful, and laborers are needed. Labor with us.  Matthew 9

If you aren’t 100% sure, that you are helping Jesus, by helping the “least of these”,  start at Breakthrough.  Matthew 25
The Spirit of God, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, is present at Breakthrough…expect to be ministered to even more than you are ministering to others.  God is so good, and He will bless you just for showing up.


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