Kathy B

How do you feel that your experience at Breakthrough has equipped you to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus?

Breakthrough gave me the confidence to go on my first Mission Trip at age 68.

Has your experience with Breakthrough Ministries inspired you to do ministry differently? If yes, please tell us how you did ministry before your Breakthrough experience and how it is different now. 

Before Breakthrough, I had never approached a stranger and asked if they needed a prayer but now I do. I have not had anyone say no. I see people in a different light.  I don’t fear people who look different from me.  When I see someone with dark tattoos, multiple piercings and Satanic jewelry, I wonder what terrible thing happened in their past.  I don’t see them as evil because I know they were made in God’s image.  I know it’s an evil spirit that is influencing them and pray for God to draw them closer to Him.


What would you say to them if you could share one thing with someone who has never experienced Breakthrough Ministries or might be on the fence about volunteering with us? 

I would invite them to come and see for themselves.  Experience the hands and feet of Jesus.  Go to the worship service and see  a homeless person worshiping Jesus!  It’s not about their circumstances, it’s about feeling the love of Jesus!


ByElizabeth Miller

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